About Selux

Our mission

Selux Diagnostics is on a mission to deliver personalized diagnostic information to optimize treatment when patients need it most. In doing so, we aim to halt antibiotic resistant superbugs and protect the lifesaving power of antibiotics.

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Who we are

Selux’s interdisciplinary team of expertise in microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, engineering, software, and algorithm design is buttressed by distinguished experts in Clinical Microbiology, Infectious Disease, and Machine Learning. We take our work seriously because it’s personal to each and every one of us.

Meet the Team

Meet the team

What we do

Experts predict that without a major change, deaths from superbugs will surpass deaths from cancer by 2050. This problem can be solved with rapid AST to inform personalized treatment decisions. Selux is closing the gap between ID and susceptibility testing to bolster antibiotic stewardship.

Company culture

Selux empowers our team to be autonomous in making our shared goal a reality. We work together to make the world a better place. We strive to find a better way, rather than accepting the status quo.

We have a fundamental duty to preserve the utility of antibiotics for all humankind—now and in the future. When you join Selux you become part of a team that is creating a healthier, safer world.

Open Roles

If you want to join a passionate group of nerds who take pleasure in doing our part to outsmart bacteria, take a look at our open positions and tell us which piece if the puzzle you can tackle.

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