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AST results in 5 hours

Our fast and accurate NGP Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) platform breaks the speed versus accuracy trade-off, enabling clinicians to direct personal antimicrobial therapies to patients within the first 24 hours and for 99% of cases, within 5 hours.

Test 5X the antibiotics in parallel

With a robust antibiotic menu that far surpasses the capabilities of current legacy AST systems, NGP can test all current and future drugs. As a result, physicians are able to prescribe optimal treatment 3-5 days sooner, reducing hospital stays and de-escalating the cycle of antibiotic overuse and resistance.

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Our Next-Generation PhenotypingTM platform

Selux NGP is the only single-platform technology capable of addressing speed to results, breadth of menu, and the high-throughputs microbiology labs and integrated healthcare systems need. Selux's breakthrough NGP technology works for all sample types and utilizes phenotypic AST -- the only method that will provide full actionable results indicating which therapies will effectively treat a patient's infection.

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