Next Generation Phenotyping (NGP) has arrived

Designed to outsmart bacteria

From the labs to the patients, we take our work personally. The Selux NGP System is a single-platform technology capable of addressing speed to result, breadth of menu, and the high-throughput microbiology labs and integrated healthcare systems need.

The power of Selux

  • Rapid Phenotypic AST
  • Updated breakpoints
  • 384-well panel, with room to grow
  • Exact MICs
  • Broad dilution series
  • TTR 5.5 hours (*with the exception of Pseudomonas)
  • All reagents stored at room temperature
  • Provides targeted treatment options for better patient care.
  • Reduces healthcare costs.

When it comes to bacterial infections, speed matters

The Selux system delivers rapid AST for all sample types. Our fast and accurate NGP Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) platform breaks the speed versus accuracy trade-off, enabling the lab to produce results in a single shift and physicians to treat patients quickly and with personalized antimicrobial therapies.

Updated breakpoints

Outdated breakpoints can put a patient’s life at risk and contribute to the global health crisis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The Selux NGP System offers broad dilution series that confer the flexibility to update breakpoints. We are committed to working towards future updates by working with the appropriate regulatory channels – at Selux we believe the burden of updated breakpoints should rest on us, not your lab.

Selux GN-GP_Cleared-Tabled

Comprehensive antibiotic panels with room to grow

The Selux panels were intricately designed with the lab and patient in mind. The comprehensive design limits the need for reflex testing and removes the need to carry multiple panel SKU’s for each Gram morphology.

Due to this unique design, the Selux panel gives way to the most comprehensive bug/drug menu offered by an AST platform while delivering precise, rapid results within hours.

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