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One solution on one panel

The Selux Panels are truly unique. Their proprietary design was created to solve for the need of today’s health crisis of increasing antimicrobial resistance while also preparing for the problems of the future. The extensive real estate on the Selux panel offers 3 critical benefits:

  1. At least one representative from each antibiotic class on a single panel. This eliminates the need for reflex testing, carrying multiple panel SKU’s for each Gram type, and the need to wait for ID before AST.

  2. Large dilution series for each antibiotic, averaging >9 wells each.

  3. Ample available real estate that allows Selux to rapidly include new antimicrobials as they are developed (>25% of panel wells are empty).

Exact MICs

The Selux panels comprise of a 384-well plate which was carefully created to deliver exact MICs, doubling dilutions, and the information needed to escalate or de-escalate. This allows you to deliver personalized therapeutic treatment to patients and stay ahead of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Extensive bug-drug combinations on one panel

The Selux Panels have one of the most extensive bug/drug combinations available. With a representative from each antibiotic class on one panel the Selux NGP System saves laboratories time and money by avoiding the need to run multiple panels, and more importantly can reduce the amount of time a patient might be on the wrong treatment.

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Room to grow

The Selux panel offers large amounts of real estate to help you stay current with clinically relevant antimicrobial innovations. In order to move faster than bacteria we have ensured the Selux panels can accommodate new drugs as they become available. With the Selux system, you also have a guarantee to continually be up to date with the latest FDA breakpoints. It’s our mission to deliver personalized diagnostic information to optimize treatment when patients need it most. Together we can stop antimicrobial resistance and revolutionize AST.

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