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Analyzer tray

Rapid phenotypic AST

The Analyzer is the heart of the Selux NGP system delivering rapid phenotypic AST results in 5.5 hours. With a 96-panel capacity and continuous, random access, the Analyzer delivers speed, high throughput, accuracy, and the most comprehensive bug / drug menus available.

The science of speed

The power inside the Analyzer comes from utilizing our proprietary growth check assay, viability assay, and surface area assay – each helping to create a more precise analysis of cell health than traditional AST has ever been able to before. Through our viability and surface area assays, the Analyzer is able to detect a cell dying without waiting for cell death– providing faster, comprehensive results and fast, targeted patient care.

96-panel capacity

The Selux Analyzer can run multiple samples at the same time. With its 96-panel capacity and random-access capabilities, the Analyzer allows for high throughput, to strengthen the lab’s overall ability to deliver quick and accurate results for better patient care.

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Selux GN-GP_Cleared-Tabled

Updated breakpoints

Outdated breakpoints can put a patient’s life at risk and contribute to the global health crisis of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The Selux NGP System offers broad dilution series that confer the flexibility to update breakpoints. We are committed to working towards future updates by working with the appropriate regulatory channels – at Selux we believe the burden of updated breakpoints should rest on us, not your lab.

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Fully automated. Dual assay. Revolutionary.

1 Viability Assay

The Selux Viability Assay determines the metabolic activity of the cumulative bacterial population in each well using a bulk fluorescent marker. Population (5×10^5 CFU/mL) measurements ensure accurate MICs by preventing sampling errors inherent to individual cell-based methods.

2 96 Panel Capacity

The analyzer has a 96 panel capacity including 78 spaces in the incubator to enable the parallel processing of many samples.

3 Fully Automated with Random Access

Insert a carrier with up to four inoculated panels at anytime and the fully automated analyzer handles the rest. Results will be available in Site Software results review once the panel has completed processing.

4 Surface Area Assay

Susceptible bacteria change their size and shape in response to antibiotics. The Selux Surface Area Assay differentiates between true resistance and shape-shifting growth modes.

5 Shelf-Stable Reagents and Simple Waste Management

The bulk reagent kit facilitates efficient reagent replacement and waste management. Reagent and waste capacity is monitored by the analyzer with replacement steps clearly communicated through the interface.

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