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The power of precision

The Selux Inoculator puts the power of precision to the test. Accurate pre-lytic AST determinations require precision inoculation. Because few doubling cycles are possible in a short period of time, every well must be inoculated with the same number of bacteria at the start of AST to accurately reflect drug action in the Selux Analyzer. The Inoculator is the unsung hero that fulfills this critical requirement.

Through the power of the Selux Inoculator you are guaranteed a precise and appropriate number of bacteria dispensed into each of the 384-wells on the Selux panel, removing all human error, and automating the entire process.

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Simultaneous testing

The Selux Inoculator can accommodate 4 patient samples at a time, increasing efficiency, workflow, and time to result. It can also simultaneously run samples from blood cultures and isolated colonies, on the same carrier, at the same time.

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Closing the gap between ID and AST

The Selux NGP Technology allows the lab to begin running samples before receiving an ID. By running AST and ID simultaneously the lab saves time, physicians get quicker results, and patients get fast, accurate, and personalized treatment.

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1 Precise small-volume pipetting in complex patterns

The inoculator performs complex inoculation patterns of small volumes. Highly accurate initial volumes allow for the earlier detection of small changes in organism growth. Complex patterns of inoculation provide critical information for determining the susceptibility of challenging organisms faster.

2 4 Patient sample capacity

The inoculator has the capacity to process up to 4 patient samples at a time with any combination of gram-positive or gram-negative panels, enabling flexibility in instrument loading.

3 System Software Integration

The inoculator is connected to the overall system software facilitating sample tracking, error handling and recovery. The integrated software provides clear, simple instructions for any instrument interaction from sample loading to waste removal.

Learn more about Selux and our mission to outsmart bacteria.

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