Direct from positive blood culture

The Selux separator is currently under FDA review

Rapid AST Ready

The Selux separator delivers 2 perfect outputs:

  1. An AST-ready, tuned 0.5 McFarland inoculum sample that can be placed directly into the Selux Inoculator.
  2. A bacterial pellet that can be used for identification purposes and run in parallel with AST.
Lab Work

Automated processing

The Selux Separator isolates the bacterial sample from a positive blood culture bottle, resuspends the bacteria in saline, and tunes the concentration to a 0.5-McFarland equivalent – facilitating for ID and AST without waiting for subculture.

Lab Work

2 samples in under an hour

The Selux Separator is able to process 2 patient samples at a time in under an hour. Saving time and efficiencies throughout your lab.

Tour the Separator

1 Rapid AST Starts Here

The Selux Separator isolates the blood culture pathogen and resuspends the bacteria in a saline solution without waiting for subculture, saving 1-2 days for both ID and AST.

2 Two Samples in Under an Hour

The separator can simultaneously process two positive blood culture samples in under an hour.

3 Self-Contained Reagent Kit

The Separator reagents can be stored at room temperature and are fully contained in the consumable for simple waste management.