Direct from positive blood culture

Rapid AST Ready

The Selux Separator is designed to reduce time for labs testing direct from positive blood culture. It can run two patient samples in under an hour and automatically prepare a 0.5 McFarland.

Lab Work

Automated processing

The Selux Separator isolates the bacterial sample from a positive blood culture bottle, resuspends the bacteria in saline, and tunes the concentration to a 0.5-McFarland.

Lab Work

2 samples in under an hour

The Selux Separator is able to process 2 patient samples at a time in under an hour. Saving time and efficiencies throughout your lab.

Tour the Separator

1 Rapid AST Starts Here

The Selux Separator isolates the blood culture pathogen and resuspends the bacteria in a saline solution without waiting for subculture.

2 Two Samples in Under an Hour

The Separator can simultaneously process two positive blood culture samples in under an hour.

3 Self-Contained Reagent Kit

The Separator reagents can be stored at room temperature and are fully contained in the consumable for simple waste management.